Optimize Your Dating Potential

Data analytics collected from information/communication technologies (ICT) is revolutionizing what we can learn about crowd behavior. We are now able to glean real-time data from subjects who for the most part believe their actions are unobserved. Patterns in the data are often revealing. Let’s dive in to see how we can use statistics to optimize your dating potential!


OKCupid has an interesting blog where they make the case for an older woman. According to their data, woman are most desirable between ages 20 and 26, while men are most desirable between 26 and 31. Because men are more inclined to date much younger woman, OKCupid believes finding your potential mate can be optimized if you target this sweet spot:

*Green indicates high messaging activity, red indicates low messaging activity, while yellow sits in the middle. The solid blue lines indicate user-set thresholds of age ranges that they will consider dating. Source: OKCupid


Facebook also aggregates user data that bring forth interesting conclusions. According to Facebook, prime days people get into a relationship are:

Feb. 14: 49% net gain in romance
Dec. 25: 34% more
Dec. 24: 28% more
Feb. 15: 22% more
April 1: 20% more

Beginning a relationship on April 1st (April Fools Day) is not recommended however. Mysteriously, those relationships do not last very long (haha). The other dates mentioned are clustered around Valentines Day and Christmas. I’m willing to bet that these days are optimal because people feel a bit lonelier during the holidays. Here is a poll result I found to help support that intuition. On the other hand, most people are in relationships weeks or months before making it ‘Facebook official’. So the holidays could just be a good time to share good news. Continue reading