Ten Things Every Young Person Should Know


I originally created this list to share with family but thought you could benefit too. Our younger years are often filled with extreme highs and lows and the aim of this list is help reset you for a happy and mature life. So here it goes:

  1. Not everyone will like you. And that is okay.
  2. As long as one person loves you, you will be okay.
  3. Learn to love yourself first (but don’t get carried away).
  4. You can make yourself happy just by smiling. This notion is grounded in science; we smile because we are happy and we are happy because we smile. So smile.
  5. How you see yourself is different from how others see you. Be aware.
  6. People who hate will always hate. No matter what. Trying to win them over is pointless. Figure ways around them.
  7. However, people who are objectively critical of you see potential in you, and are genuinely trying to help. Learn the difference.
  8. Don’t assume people will have your back until they prove they actually do; assuming so will lead to disappointment.
  9. How you choose to encode your memories (positively or negatively) is entirely up to you. Prefer the positive route.
  10. The smartest people in the room are smart not because they have the right answers, but because they know how to ask the right questions. Recognizing your stupidity is the first step towards wisdom.
  11. There are more than ten things that you should know.