Eighty-eight Decembers is the simple idea that our time on this rock is anything but infinite. A current lifespan of eighty-eight years means we only have eighty-eight chances to blow out birthday cake candles, eight-eight chances to take a summer vacation, and eighty-eight chances to kiss a loved one or stranger when the clock strikes twelve on New Years Day.

Why December? December is arguably the most festive time of year. Imagine giving up one these Decembers. With that in mind, I hope to cherish every fleeting moment. Ideally, I hope each precious orbit around our sun will be spent in self-reflection and self-improvement with the aim to advance the communities in which we participate.

This blog will touch on my own original ideas, musings, trends on varying topics, primers, and how-to guides.

Robin Kabir (星陽)

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